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Looking forward to meeting all and networking in the beautiful city of Krakow next week at Mineral Recycling Forum 2019.

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Excellent speakers on key topics driving the evolution of the secondary raw material supply chain for industrial mineral markets.

Competitive manufacturing industries in Europe: circular economy and access to raw materials
Maria Nyberg, Policy Officer, European Commission, Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs , C.2 Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials, Belgium
Recycling as a way of developing new business models for the minerals sector: regulatory bottlenecks and opportunities
Francesca Girardi, Industrial Affairs Advisor, IMA-Europe, Belgium

Strategy for companies aiming to participate in mineral recycling and the Circular Economy
Bart Mantels, Program Manager Sustainable Materials Management, VITO NV, Belgium
Decoupling geology from geography: connecting market and minerals with hydrometallurgical processing of waste
Mark Tilley, Vice President Business Development, Lixivia Inc., USA

The driving force of recycling in the refractory industry
Paul Glaubitz, General Manager Recycling, RHI Magnesita, the Netherlands
From best practices to excellence in refractory waste management
David Maza, R&D – Process Manager, Sidenor, Spain
Roller press briquetting and granulation to turn fines into valuable materials
Patrick Lecherf, Export Manager, Euragglo, France

Opportunities and challenges in the use of bauxite residue (red mud)
Ken Evans, Independent Consultant, UK & George Banvolgyi, Technical Director, Bán-Völgy Ltd Partnership, Hungary
Recycling of wastes from the mining, power and metallurgy industries
Prof. Krzysztof Galos, Director, Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of
Sciences, Poland
Opportunities in turning waste into geopolymer based construction materials
Juha Pinomaa, Chairman, Betolar Ltd, Finland

Recovery of magnesia and chromia from chemical waste
Duane Runciman, Wastes Ecotech Srl, Romania
Trends & outlook for the ferrous and nonferrous slag markets
Daniel Rogers, Head of Market Reports and Consultancy, Smithers, UK

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