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In-depth review articles by Mike O’Driscoll published in Industrial Minerals 1987-2014:

164Proppant potential for bauxiteIM February 2014 p31
163Wisconsin sandstorm: frac sand projects in the pipelineIM October 2012 p25
162Magnesia's mettle on the line: Steel slowdown spoils market recoveryIM September 2012 p39
161Drilling barytes demands new mindsetIM September 2012 p20
160Saudi silica surge: High purity quartz driveIM June 2012 p54
159At the core of fused magnesiaIM May 2012 p35
158North Sea supply challenge: Oilfield logistics tackle 24/7 deliveryIM March 2012 p52
157Reconstruction revives refractories in JapanIM February 2012 p52
156Refractory reflections in KyotoIM December 2011 p29
155Shinagawa aligns itself for refractories market futureIM December 2011 p26
154Pigment pragmatism: Feedstock and TiO2 symbiosis recognisedIM November 2011 p31
153Chromite in a tight spot: Supply squeeze urges on new sourcesIM September 2011 p26
152Spinel's Spring: Market blooms with limited sourcesIM August 2011 p31
151Turkey's soda ash solution: Emergence of Eti SodaIM July 2011 p52
150Magnesia's phoenix & flyers: Market ignites players old & newIM May 2011 p32
149Elmin bauxite sees the light: Greek producer transformsIM March 2011 p42
148Frac sand bonanzaIM February 2011 p25
147Dead burned magnesia welcomes 2011IM January 2011 p23
146Scratching the surface: Blasting abrasives marketIM November 2010 p61
145Plastics in forward drive: Mineral demand in autoplasticsIM October 2010 p43
144Magnesia blasts back: Caustic calcined magnesia in recoveryIM September 2010 p37
143Mullite supply under questionIM September 2010 p27
142The winds of change: Solar and wind energy prospects for mineralsIM August 2010 p44
141Set for heavy loads: Plastic fillersIM July 2010 p63
140Logistics in the 21st CenturyIM July 2010 p50
139Squeeze on fused magnesia supply & pricesIM July 2010 p21
138Peninsula prospects: Mineral opportunities in the Arabian PeninsulaIM June 2010 p52
137Ones to watch: Magnesia projectsIM May 2010 p68
136The cut and thrust of silicon carbideIM May 2010 p26
135Australia: Land of PlentyIM April 2010 p46
134Solar cell future for mineralsIM March 2010 p83
133Sillimanite supply surge: Andalusite and kyanite marketsIM February 2010 p28
132Into the fire: Refractories endure heat of recessionIM October 2009 p28
131Chinese recovery on green lightIM September 2009 p43
130Magnesia make over: Supply market readjustmentIM August 2009 p26
129Australia's kaolin rushIM July 2009 p10
128Seeking Saudi mineral potentialIM June 2009 p29
127New dawn breaks for Korean magnesiaIM May 2009 p82
126State of play: The industry reviewed in IM's 500th issueIM May 2009 p36
125The Dragon has turned: Domestic focus squeezes Chinese exportsIM April 2009 p26
124Alumina cement developmentsIM October 2008 p57
123Magnesite ignites: Western capacity boomIM September 2008 p28
122Frac sand famineIM August 2008 p66
121Supply chain reaction: European mineral processorsIM July 2008 p70
120Made in the USA: Boom time for the US minerals industryIM May 2008 p52
119Van Uden ventures out: Rotterdam stevedore diversifiesIM April 2008 p96
118CMP's great leap forwardIM April 2008 p80
117Soda ash's Indian summer: global supply & demandIM April 2008 p46
116Mineral processing in AsiaIM March 2008 p77
115Kaolin's quay to EuropeIM September 2007 p57
114Texan talc tale: New era beckons for southern US talcIM August 2007 p72
113Rock and roll: Mineral use trends in paper reviewedIM August 2007 p45
112Talking talc: Supply and markets reviewIM July 2007 p27
111Mullite in MongoliaIM May 2007 p68
110Magnesia movers & shakers: Market highlightsIM May 2007 p43
109A bright carbonate future: GCC supply and demandIM January 2007 p24
108The changing face of China: China's evolving market reviewedIM December 2006 p26
107Ropczye goes East: first Chinese-Polish refractories j-vIM November 2006 p28
106The heat is on: Dead burned v fused magnesiaIM September 2006 p59
105Magnesia markers: Magnesia market highlightsIM September 2006 p51
104Alumina in a spin: Mineral wool raw materials reviewedIM August 2006 p36
103A choice of flux: Olivine v DolomiteIM June 2006 p47
102Foundry focus: Mineral supply highlightsIM June 2006 p43
101Shifting sands: Foundry grade chromite mine to marketIM February 2006 p38
100Refractory raw materials: State of playIM January 2006 p38
099Sunshine on silica: Solar cells power fused silica demandIM October 2005 p29
098South China in a stir: Zhanjiang and Fangcheng port activityIM September 2005 p72
097Chinese nepheline syenite: Fineton finds its nicheIM September 2005 p68
096Highlights of Haznedar: Turkish refractories and dolomiteIM June 2005 p74
095Magnesia minors: Brucite, huntite, & hydromagnesiteIM June 2005 p41
094Magnesia: On the high road againIM April 2005 p37
093Zircon no pacifier to market squeezeIM February 2005 p39
092Geohellas: A classic clay taleIM January 2005 p56
091Astron's rising Zr starIM January 2005 p54
090A Dutch solution for magnesiaIM November 2004 p62
089Iran's industrial minerals: A window of opportunityIM November 2004 p28
088Mullite: making good in steel & foundryIM October 2004 p32
087Iron's true colours: Iron oxide supply & demand reviewIM September 2004 p35
086Magnesia in a squeezeIM August 2004 p35
085Alumina cement: Sweet & sourIM June 2004 p64
084Aqaba: Key to Jordan's mineral exportsIM May 2004 p75
083Jormag comes of ageIM April 2004 p89
082Olivine: Going where the grass is greenerIM March 2004 p40
081Zircon: The miller's tale - between a rock and a hard placeIM November 2003 p50
080Dead burned magnesia: Back to basicsIM November 2003 p30
079Corundum conundrum: Fused alumina feels the heatIM October 2003 p30
078Elements of magnesia: Electrical grade fused magnesiaIM August 2003 p44
077In the hall of the magnesite king: Asian DBM reviewedIM July 2003 p26
076Loading up in LiaoningIM June 2003 p57
075Chinese hot pot: Refractory fused magnesiaIM May 2003 p34
074REgeneration in autocatalysts: Rare earths marketsIM January 2003 p25
073Driving a new market for minerals? Producers look to a material future in fuel cellsIM October 2002 p34
072Irons in the fire: What's cooking with sillimanite minerals?IM June 2002 p37
071The scoop on global TiO2: Suppliers raise prices to revive weak marketIM March 2002 p28
070Qingdao: China's second largest trade portIM January 2002 p73
069Mineral inspection: Measuring up to changeIM December 2001 p49
068Spinel: The steel and cement specialistIM November 2001 p41
067Refractory minerals: trends & developments in supply & demandIM November 2001 p33
066Shandong Magnesite: A survivor in the shadow of LiaoningIM October 2001 p41
065China's refractories marketIM July 2001 p53
064Ways & means: Bringing minerals to EuropeIM June 2001 p41
063A cracking hot market: Refractories in petroleum refiningIM April 2001 p29
062Borates: The Turk of the townIM March 2001 p30
061Alumina cements: Lining up against steel & sewageIM December 2000 p35
060Clays under fire: Supply of refractory clays reviewedIM April 2000 p29
059Lithium takes charge: Supply & demand reviewedIM March 2000 p37
058Lishu Wollastonite in DalianIM December 1999 p23
057Sillimanite minerals: Refractory market slump takes its tollIM April 1999 p89
056Hernic: An expanding force in South Africa's chrome & andalusite beltIM February 1999 p34
055Chromite in crisis: Producers hold out for October recoveryIM February 1999 p25
054Ukraine's minerals: First steppes in world marketIM October 1998 p21
053Refractory dolomite: Stainless reputationIM June 1998 p35
052What is IMA? Europe's Industrial Minerals Association profiledIM April 1998 p43
051Chromite supply: A question of ownershipIM March 1998 p51
050Shanxi bauxite: Fired up for world marketsIM February 1998 p39
049East Asian foreign mineral ventures: Comings & goingsIM September 1997 p37
048East Asia refractories: Thai-ed up with steelIM August 1997 p25
047Hong Kong handover: Business as usual?IM June 1997 p25
046Fused silica: Switched on by electronicsIM April 1997 p49
045Silicon carbide: Supply sector showdownIM January 1997 p19
044Minerals of Vietnam: Sands' future black & whiteIM November 1996 p72
043Vietnam: Tiger to be?IM October 1996 p42
042China Chamber of Commerce in the hot seatIM August 1996 p25
041Glass refractories: Oxy-fuel impact fires debateIM May 1996 p39
040Anglo Pacific Resources: Adding a new dimension to the HighlandsIM February 1996 p62
039Fused magnesia: The blender's choiceIM January 1996 p19
038Refractories in Taiwan: Steel surge sparks hot demandIM November 1995 p47
037Sweet and sour: Foreign ventures in East AsiaIM October 1995 p55
036Taiwan tiger: Still burning brightIM August 1995 p17
035China's ceramics market: Showing off in strengthIM July 1995 p35
034Opportunity knocks in NorwayIM June 1995 p71
033Refractory bauxite: Cut-price dynasty under threatIM March 1995 p27
032Plastic compounding: Where mineral meets polymerIM December 1994 p35
031China's ceramics boom: Firing up in FoshanIM September 1994 p69
030Spinel review: Prices temper steel market promiseIM September 1994 p35
029Chinese filler minerals: Reinforcing export potentialIM June 1994 p47
028China's minerals industry: Gathering for the great leap forwardIM June 1994 p19
027Caustic magnesia markets: Playing with fireIM March 1994 p23
026South Korean refractories: POSCO steels the marketIM October 1993 p71
025South Korea's minerals industry: Imports prove Seoul-destroyingIM August 1993 p18
024Minerals in European plastics: Polypropylene in the driving seatIM April 1993 p19
023Garnet: Set for blast off?IM January 1993 p19
022European cat litter: absorbing market growthIM August 1992 p46
021Industrial minerals of Japan: Bowing to recession realityIM April 1992 p19
020Talc review: Consolidation & competitionIM March 1992 p23
019Moroccan barytes in Yarmouth: Mineral Industries makes the gradeIM November 1991 p63
018Trading places: Netherlands' gateways to EuropeIM October 1991 p37
017Wollastonite production: Tempo rises as markets growIM December 1990 p15
016Fine carbonate fillers: PCC breaks ground in paperIM September 1990 p21
015Minerals in the US south-west: Breaking rocks in the hot sunIM May 1990 p52
014US glass industry: Overcapacity shadows strong demandIM February 1990 p34
013Rocky Mountain Magnesite: Baymag starts new fused MgO plantIM December 1989 p49
012Brazil's industrial minerals: Seeking success against all oddsIM November 1989 p23
011Energy in North America: The power behind industrial mineralsIM June 1989 p19
010US Pacific Northwest: An outpost of industrial mineral wealthIM April 1989 p19
009Drilling in the US Gulf: Cautious optimism for muddy futureIM February 1989 p48
008Rare earths: Enter the DragonIM November 1988 p21
007Dolomite: More than crushed stoneIM September p37
006Bentonite: Overcapacity in need of marketsIM July 1988 p43
005Burnt lime/dolime: Seeking markets greenIM May 1988 p23
004Minerals in adhesives & sealants: Solving a sticky problemIM February 1988 p32
003Cement trade & industry: Charting its changing courseIM November 1987 p23
002Glass markets: Added value impetusIM August 1987 p33
001Diatomite: No skeletons in the cupboardIM May 1987 p22