Fluorine market outlook: “Interesting times…a lot of uncertainty”

IMFORMED interviews Peter Huxtable & Alison Saxby
Plus Fluorine Forum 2017 Programme Update

“It’s a very interesting time. There is an awful lot happening, and a lot of uncertainty”.

So says Peter Huxtable, consultant and specialist in fluorspar with over 40 years’ experience in the industry, including 20 years at the Glebe fluorspar mine in the UK.

Together with […]

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Oilfield Minerals Outlook: Houston hoedown hits home

Oilfield Minerals & Markets Forum 2017 Review

This year there was definitely something to smile about, and we are not just referring those intrepid delegates braving the “bucking bronco” at the Monday reception (more on that later).

The oilfield minerals industry is feeling its way out of the doldrums of 2015/16, as drilling activity recovers, hydraulic fracturing […]

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Magnesia maelstrom in China

Industry heads to MagForum 2017 Kraków for answers and latest outlook

Accounting for about 70% of world magnesite production and just over 60% of world magnesia production, China has a strong influence over the global magnesia market.

But even by its normal, and frequently unpredictable standards, China has ensured that the magnesia industry will already remember 2017 as […]

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Ceramic proppant outlook: trying to build a market on sand

The phrase “building on sand” has an unfortunate ring of reality to those ceramic proppant suppliers striving to attain some purchase on the wave of recovery currently sweeping the North American hydraulic fracturing market today.

Proppant producers and oilfield service companies are enjoying a most buoyant recovery period from the oil price decline doldrums of 2015/16, […]

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Frac Sand Frenzy Part 2 ?

As the year’s First Quarter reports start to roll in it is already clear that 2017 is going to turn out to be a marker in the recovery of the proppants industry of North America.

Frac sand producers and oilfield service companies alike are all pointing towards a ramping up of activity, proppant consumption, and revenues.

Increased […]

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Barite miners in Nigeria receive government boost; call for import ban to be reinstated

Nigeria’s barite sector is hoping to enter a new era of development that will enable it to compete more favourably with the dominant and superior quality barite imports.

The Nigerian government recently launched its Economic Recovery and Growth Plan, of which one of its main targets is the mining sector, and in particular, the stimulation of […]

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Mineral logistic challenges & innovations: getting on top of it all

The importance of logistics in transporting industrial minerals from mine to market came under the spotlight last week at IMFORMED’s Mineral Logistics Forum 2017, 10-11 April 2017, held at The College Hotel, Amsterdam.

This is the third Mineral Logistics Forum by IMFORMED which uniquely brings together leading players in the mineral logistics supply chain to discuss […]

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Oilfield minerals market: Year of recovery

The oilfield minerals industry is emerging from the doldrums of 2015/16 with renewed vigour and expectations of rising demand during the next two years at least.

Increased E&P spending and drilling activity in the USA has rejuvenated the market for oilfield minerals such as barite, bentonite, calcium carbonate and proppants.

Outside North America, recovery is less pronounced, […]

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Waste deep in opportunities

Mineral Recycling Forum 2017 Review

Rotterdam was again the setting for IMFORMED’s second Mineral Recycling Forum last week, 7-8 March 2017, bringing together leading players in the fast evolving secondary raw materials sector.

A real buzz was felt among the delegates as they listened to experts presenting on a range of topical subjects followed by much discussion […]

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Mineral Logistics Forum: 2020 vision for Port of Amsterdam

Shipping Outlook | Kaolin from Brazil | New Silk Way | Mineral Inspection |  Fertiliser Minerals

By 2020 the largest sea lock in the world will open in IJmuiden, increasing the Port of Amsterdam’s total transhipment tonnage from 96 to 125m tonnes.

The new sea lock will be larger, wider, and tide independent, enabling a new generation […]

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