Atlantic Congress Hotel, Essen, Monday 15 June 2015

Chromite | Zircon | Graphite | Andalusite | Mullite | Bentonite | Silica sand | Dunite | Cenospheres

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IMFORMED’s 1-day conference for the foundry mineral business is of high interest to all those active in the supply and use of industrial minerals used in metal casting.

Topics include chromite, zircon, graphite, carbon, andalusite, mullite, bentonite, silica sand, dunite, and cenospheres.

On the eve of GIFA 2015, an invaluable opportunity to network with the leading lights of the foundry minerals sector in one place.

Presenting companies include:

• Imerys Refractory Minerals – on foundry market trends & challenges
• Imerys Metalcasting Solutions – on bentonite & carbon
• Cofermin – on chromite from mine to market
• Andalusite Resources – on andalusite supply and consumption
• Mine Feuerfest – on the application of cenospheres
• Pasek Minerales – on dunite and silica sand
• China Mineral Processing – on an alternative foundry sand
• Roskill Information Services – on a review of foundry minerals
• Benchmark Mineral Intelligence – on foundry’s share of graphite supply
• International Chromium Development Association – on global chromite supply
• Zircon Industry Association – on zircon for the castings market

Full programme details here

Foundry Minerals & Markets Forum 2015, 15 June 2015, Essen will serve as the ideal icebreaker and introduction to the wider foundry market and extensive GIFA trade show taking place in neighbouring Düsseldorf during the remainder of the week.

So if you are planning a visit to GIFA, with Essen just 22 minutes by train or 30 minutes by car, then it makes sense to start the foundry market’s biggest week in four years at Foundry Minerals & Markets Forum 2015.

Expert speakers from the leading players in the business will present on supply and demand trends of the key raw materials followed by a convivial networking reception sponsored by Cofermin and Mine Feuerfest.

Whether involved in foundry mineral development, production, processing, trading, distribution, end use consumption or research, Foundry Minerals & Markets Forum 2015 is the primary gathering for all those in the metal casting minerals business.

Or contact: Ismene Clarke

T: +44 (0)208 224 0425 | M: +44 (0)7905 771 494

We look forward to meeting you in Essen later this month!