The IMFORMED Crossword Puzzle

Test your knowledge of industrial minerals and markets

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Please have a go. The official competition has now closed (click here for winner & runners-up announcement), but all entries receive a free PDF of our Mineral Market Matrix® Wall Chart.

Please send your completed puzzle (as PDF or image) to

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1. Complete the puzzle online (instructions below puzzle), or

2. Download and print out the puzzle here to complete offline


Solving the crossword online:

Click a cell on the crossword grid, or click a clue
Click twice on a cell to toggle between across and down
The active cell is highlighted in blue
Start typing in the word
Hit enter when you are done typing in the word
The word will turn green or red if you got it right or wrong
You can use the tab and shift-tab keys to move around the crossword, and the arrow keys

Menu button bottom-right for zoom, clear puzzle, save & print


We hope you find the puzzle entertaining

Please let us know what you think: was it too hard? too easy? comments most welcome!

Please stay safe and well

All entries receive a free PDF of our Mineral Market Matrix® Wall Chart.

Please send your completed puzzle (as PDF or image) to


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“Industrial Minerals Basics: An Executive Primer” 
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  • Why are they so important?

  • How is the market structured?

  • How is the market driven?

  • Which key factors influence success?

  • Approach to potential investment indicators

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Essential for those wishing to get a handle on where the industrial minerals market is heading and understanding its basic principles. The industrial minerals supply chain from mine to market examined.