IMFORMED is delighted to have been the recipient of the Southern Enterprise Award 2020 for Best Independent Specialist Industry Event Organiser.

The SME (Small Medium Enterprise) Awards are organised by SME News and celebrate the success stories of one of the most important sectors in the UK economy.

The Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 recognise and reward the often-un-noticed efforts of SMEs from the region with the second highest annual turnover in the UK.

With the number of businesses per person being higher in Southern England than anywhere else in the UK, there is a wealth of award-worthy candidates. SME News seeks out the very best small and medium enterprises along with the enthusiastic and determined people who lead and enable them.

The IMFORMED Southern Enterprise Award 2020 listing reads:

Founded by Mike O’Driscoll & Ismene Clarke in 2015, IMFORMED provides professional networking opportunities and market research expertise for the global industrial minerals business. Specialising in: Industrial Minerals Supply/Demand | Mineral Recycling | Magnesia | Oilfield | Fluorspar | Refractories | China | India. IMFORMED gathers the leading players at its acclaimed Forums: Programmed with Intelligence | Moderated by Experts | To Engage and Serve the Industry.

The impact of COVID-19 has wreaked unprecedented upheaval and many in the business community are still getting to grips with the biggest peace-time crisis they have ever had to deal with. It has however, offered business leaders an opportunity to innovate and bring about permanent positive change and this is an incredibly exciting time to be nominated and get noticed.

The Southern Enterprise Awards are judged purely on a merit. In order to determine worthy winners, an SME News in-house research team carefully analyses the information that is available both online and in the public domain as well as any materials supplied by nominees.

The SME awards are based on quality, not the number of votes received. The process works to ensure that we reward parties based on their reputation, commitment, innovation, determination and contribution to society.

To move successfully from award nominee to winner, there must be evidence of extensive expertise and skills, dedication to customer service and client satisfaction with an on-going commitment to excellence and innovation demonstrated by the nominated business.

Small businesses “the beating heart of the UK economy”

According to SME News, at the start of 2017 small businesses alone accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses, making the sector the beating heart of the UK economy.

SMEs may be overlooked by mainstream business awards for recognition despite their often innovative and creative achievements and their power to truly disrupt their industry.

The SME awards are aimed at specific regions or industries looking to showcase some of the key players for doing great things. Whether it be using technology and data in new ways, offering something radically new by way of a product or service or for great services provided.

IMFORMED looks forward to continuing its award-winning service to the global industrial minerals market in 2021 – please check out our latest line-up of Forums here

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Stay well, and look forward to seeing you in 2021!