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“Cohesive, prepared speakers, excellent; venue top notch; very well organised.”
Joel Schneyer, Managing Director, Headwaters MB, USA

“Very well organised and had opportunity to meet everyone, excellent” networking opportunity.”
Vikram Akepati, CEO, Emprada Mines & Minerals, India

“Another fantastic and well attended Forum – great work guys! Looking forward to the next meeting.”
Andres Marquez, Commercial Manager, CPC/CSM, USA


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Programme Outline

Sunday 6 May
Welcome Reception (evening)
Monday 7 May
Presentations & Discussion
Rockin’ Rodeo Reception
Tuesday 8 May
Presentations & Discussion






Find out about

  • Drilling technology and its impact on mineral selection and volumes

  • Global shale gas development, utilisation, and outlook

  • Proppant demand forecast by volume and type

  • The strategy behind groups providing an oilfield mineral portfolio

  • How oilfield service companies source and use oilfield minerals

  • The latest logistics and processing innovations to help cut costs

  • Supply/demand trends for barytes, bentonite, frac sand, and other oilfield minerals

  • Emerging proppant players and markets

Network with

  • Producers

  • Processors

  • Traders

  • Buyers

  • Supply chain managers

  • Processing technology providers

  • Economists

  • Data analysts

Industrial minerals vital to oil and gas market

It’s true that times are tough right now for the oil and gas market with falling prices prompting a cut-back in activity. But world demand for fossil fuel energy remains high and oil and gas supply needs to be maintained. Oil prices will recover, and drilling activity will rebound.

Exploration and production for oil and gas cannot be conducted without using a range of carefully selected oilfield minerals and additives. Many of these are industrial minerals or products derived from industrial minerals.

Supply sources for some of these oilfield minerals are quite limited, which test the sourcing abilities of the consumers, while grade specifications for oilfield applications also challenge mineral developers and producers.

Logistics also plays a huge part in the oilfield mineral supply chain, particularly when transporting large volumes of relatively low cost material, such as frac sand, or handling high density weighting agents such as barytes.

Advances in mineral processing technology has also contributed to improving oilfield mineral utilisation, such as in grinding, sorting, and calcination.

All the latest trends and developments regarding oilfield mineral supply and demand will be examined and discussed by a panel of experts at Oilfield Minerals & Markets Forum Houston 2017.

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The networking and knowledge benefits to be gained by attending this Forum will be invaluable.