Field Trip

Wednesday 14 March

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Outline itinerary*

08.45 Meet Radisson Blu Hotel lobby, Cologne

09.00 Depart by bus

11.00 Arrive Weitefeld facility for introduction & tour: sorting, processing

12.30 Depart Weitefeld

13.30 Arrive Hunsborn facility for lunch & tour: analytical laboratory

14.30 Depart Hunsborn

15.00 Arrive Siegen facility for tour: LIBS sorting

16.00 Depart Siegen

18.00 Arrive Radisson Blu Hotel, Cologne

Please wear suitable clothing and footwear that befits a visit to a working industrial site.

*subject to change

Horn & Co. Group have been experts in recycling since 1922, focusing on a closed material cycle and the maximum possible recycling of raw materials. The group is active in processing, disposal, analytics and sales.

Horn ref recycling

Mineralmahlwerk Westerwald Horn GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1956, has been the origin and base of the Minerals Recovery division of Horn and is now present all over Europe and certified as a specialised waste management company.

Refractory breakouts from iron, steel, glass, lime, cement and non-ferrous metal production are reclaimed and returned to the recycling process at Horn’s facility in Weitefeld.

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Materials such as bauxite, andalusite, magnesia, and chamottes, are sorted and crushed, ground and dried. Processing and preparation of materials for basic or demanding applications are carried out using high-performance mixing plants.

Sorting refractory waste is a core process in the production of regenerative raw materials and Horn has invested in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology. LIBS measurements are performed contact-free in a matter of milliseconds and can detect several hundreds of spectra in a waste specimen.

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Using both primary and secondary raw materials, Horn & Co. Products division manufactures shaped and unshaped refractory products. From 2017, pitch or resin-bonded bricks based on magnesia and alumina have been produced for the steel industry using modern plant technology at Horn’s Hünsborn facility.

Eisen- & Stein-Gesellschaft mbH has been an important part of the Horn & Co. Steel Services division since 1922. Slag management comprises the whole processing route of steel-mill slag, from clearing the hot slag away via transportation and processing down to final utilisation or waste removal.