What’s going on in China?

Find out by attending IMFORMED’s China Refractory & Abrasive Minerals Forum 2018, Regal International East Asia Hotel, Shanghai, 10-12 September 2018

Bringing together an expert panel to discuss the latest trends and developments in Chinese refractory and abrasive mineral supply, processing, logistics, and markets.

  • Market outlook

  • Influencing factors

  • Alumina

  • Bauxite

  • Fused Alumina

  • Dead Burned Magnesia

  • Flint Clay

  • Fused Magnesia

  • Garnet

  • Graphite

  • Silicon Carbide

  • Spinel

China minerals meltdown

China BFA

“If ever there was a time to acknowledge and try to understand the significant influence of Chinese policies on industrial mineral supply to western markets – and there have been doubters out there with their “crying wolf” accusations in recent years – that time is now.” IMFORMED NewsFile Report 17 October 2017

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Programme Outline

Monday 10 September
Welcome Reception
Tuesday 11 September
Wednesday 12 September

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